Lake Ecology Educational Program

Virtual Education Program

Virtual Learning for 5th – 7th Grade Classrooms

In order to broaden the reach of our environmental education efforts, LPOW has worked to provide a virtual alternative to our in-classroom educational programs. After months of work, we developed our expansive Lake Ecology Educational Program (LEEP) for 5th – 7th grade classrooms. This program is also adaptable to different classrooms, age groups, and events!

LEEP is comprised of 6 different chapters or lessons: 

1. Formation & Importance of Lakes

2. Water in Lakes

3. Life Cycle of a Lake

4. What Lives in a Lake Ecosystem

5. Anthropogenic Impacts

6. Do Your Part!

All of the videos and the workbook are free and available to everybody. This program mentioned information about Lake Pend Oreille, but is easily applied to most lake ecosystems around the world. The workbook was developed to be used in classrooms alongside the videos and includes background information for educators, vocabulary,  a worksheet, and an activity for students that accompanies each chapter.

Watch the introductory video below to learn more about the program and what information we cover in our videos! To find our workbook, click on the cover image to the right for a free PDF version. If you’re interested in a physical copy, please send us a message on our Contact Us page and we will send you a professionally printed version for you to use.

Thank you!

This program was made possible with funding from The Confidence Foundation, The Sangham Foundation, and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. Thank you for your support and for helping us develop this new and exciting program!


Click the image above to check out our free LEEP workbook for teachers!

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Become a Citizen Scientist!

Become a trained citizen scientist. Collecting water samples is a great way to enjoy time on the water & get involved in active stewardship of our local waterways!