Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper Gear

Support our organization and spread the word about our work!

Love your Lake!

Buying LPOW gear not only helps fund our work, but also spreads the word about our organization. Wearing an LPOW t-shirt, taking an LPOW tote bag to the grocery store, or donning an LPOW baseball cap shows that you support our mission to keep Lake Pend Oreille and the surrounding watershed swimmable, fishable, and drinkable for future generations!

Our gear comes from Turner Promotions, a local company based in Sagle, ID. They have built an online store full of LPOW to choose from! We have also decided to update our t-shirt material to bamboo and RPET, which is a material made from recycled plastic bottles.


Supporting Local Businesses

Turner Promotions is a local promotional business located in Sagle, ID. After you order LPOW gear, Turner Promotions will custom make you order and ship it to you or to our store for pickup. This prevents us from having excess products and allows us to have a wider range of product options available!

Join the Sentinels Club

As a Sentinel, you can support the specific projects you’re passionate about or provide broad organizational support to ensure LPOW’s long-term sustainability.

Become a Citizen Scientist!

Become a trained citizen scientist. Collecting water samples is a great way to enjoy time on the water & get involved in active stewardship of our local waterways!