Dave Hussey

Dave Hussey

Board of Directors - Secretary

From his early days working as a fire lookout for the U. S. Forest Service, and during his college years, Dave learned how precious water is as a resource and especially its role as the key to the survival of all life on Earth. Hiking two miles to a fresh water spring with a 5-gallon water pack and slogging back up the mountain to the lookout tower was a small but integral part of daily life, learning to re-use water from cooking and bathing for general purpose applications like washing windows and floors. It was said, in those days, that water could be re-used up to five times for various purposes. From that early experience, an education in the sacred nature of the life giving attributes of water became a realized fact. 

That experience, coupled with growing up on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene and seeing and learning of the ramifications of serious downstream pollution from mining and its toll on that watershed, led to a lifelong commitment of striving for advocacy and education regarding the fouling of our most precious resource. 

As a founding member, his passion for clean water has been extended to working on water quality issues facing the Clark Fork – Pend Oreille watershed since 2006 and since 2009 has been serving as a board member of LPOW.

Dave currently volunteers for the Pend Oreille Arts Council (POAC) on the performing arts committee and he teaches guitar at the Music Conservatory of Sandpoint. He has previously served as Secretary for the Panhandle Environmental League and is past president of the Sunnyside Water Association. He also sat on the board of the Bonner County Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force. 

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Dave@lpow.org | (208) 597-7188