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Your generous support helps sustain drinkable, fishable, swimmable waters throughout the beautiful Clark Fork/Pend Oreille watershed, for today and many years to come.


JoJo Jaeger

Kevin Embree

Dave Hamilton

Dick Southworth

Teri Southworth

Matt Bambach

Stacy Jensen

David Stamation

Paul Dukes

Kay Pihl

Marlin Pihl

Sabrina Higdon

Scott Unzen

Ally Unzen

Carl Pietron

Patti Pietron

Preston Andrews

Ron Mamajek

Kevin Kittleson

Tim French

Gray Henderson

Monty Taylor

Sentinels Club

Larry Blakey & Eileen Atkisson
Kristine Battey
Bonnie Bawel
Susan Beard
Janet Bocciardi
Jeff Bond
Tamara & Tom Bryant
Genevieve & Chris Campbell
Mary Donovan
Steve Elgar & Britt Raubenheimer
Patrick Elliot
Jj Forster Webb
Scott Glickenhaus
Chris Hecht & Cheyenna Whittier
Dave Hussey & Marilyn Haddad
Susie & Mark Kubiak
Jack & Diane Leaverton
Ron & Denise Mamajek
Teri Mathis
Robert Myers
Jacqui O’Neill
Molly O’Reilly
Dennis Pence
Marty & Karen Quill
Kristine Rae
Melinda Rossman
Stephen Schultz
Ben Tate
Stephanie Wilson
Will Young


American Endowment Foundation
Cloud Family Foundation
Community Assistance League
Confidence Foundation
Edwards Family Foundation
Equinox Foundation
Idaho Community Foundation
LOR Foundation
Norcross Wildlife Foundation, INC.
Rhode Island Foundation
Sangham Foundation
The Janus Foundation
Tides Foundation
Wishnick Foundation

Corporate Sponsors

B & C Rental, LLC     Idexas Ventures, LLC

Vance Adelman
Constance Albrecht
Preston Andrews
Eileen Atkisson
Rosalind Avedon
Roderick Barcklay
Kristine Battey
Bonnie Bawel
Susan Beard
Christine Bishop
Janet Bocciardi
Carl Brenner
Charles Burke
Bruce & Judy Butler
Robin Campbell
Devon Chapman
Chris Corpus
Marian Cox
Katie Cox
Brian & Rene’e D’Aoust
Lexie De Fremery
Travis Dickson
John & Sara Donnelly
Mary Donovan
Paul Dukes
Steve Elgar & Britt Raubenheimer


Sherry Ennis
Patricia Ericsson
Shawn Finnerty
Laura Forsberg
J.J. Forster Webb
Jean Gerth
Scott Glickenhaus
Chris Hecht & Cheyenna Whittier
Bruce Hickman
Rebecca Holland
Steve Holt
Shirley Holt
Ms. Cathy Horton
David Hussey & Marilyn Haddad
Melanja Jones
Linda Jones
Ronnie Kaufman
Genevieve Kearns-Cambell
Christine Kester
Sue Koller
Susan Kubiak
Steven & Susan Lazar
Jack & Diane Leaverton
Larry Luton & Susan Hales
Ronald Mamajek & Denise Zembryki
Cynthia Mason
Teri & Bryan Mathis

Lisa McCroskey
Yvette McGowan
Deb & Ron Mende
Shirley Moore
Robert Myers
Bob & Fran Olson
Jacqui O’Neill
Molly O’Reilly
Dana Oxford
Charlie & Donna Parrish
Karsten Peer
Dennis Pence
Ross Reed
Victoria Reich
Marilyn Robertson
Becky Royer
Thomas Ruthenberg
Rick & Jori Semple
Steve Shearer
Carrie Suldovsky
Elena & John Thompson
Gary Wescott
Pat & Carol West
Christopher White
Cheyenna Whittier
Stephanie Wilson
Kathleen Windsong

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