Train Accidents & Derailments

Train Accidents, Derailments & Collisions occur frequently

United States of America

Train Derailments & Train Accidents/Incidents

Train Accidents/Incidents Since 2000

Train Accidents/Incidents per Year Since 2000 (Average)

Train Accidents/Incidents per Day Since 2000 (Average)

Train accidents, derailments and collisions in the US are much more common than most people realize.  For example, since 1990 (through 2018), there have been over 50,000 train accidents with over 10,000 injuries or fatalities.

Imagine if just one of the coal trains or oil trains that travel through our area each day derailed off of one of the several bridges that cross over Lake Pend Oreille – or into a waterway near you:

Below are some of the latest major derailments in the United States (updated Feb 2020):

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