Waterkeeper Wednesdays

At Creations in the Cedar Street Bridge

June – August | Sandpoint, ID

Free water-based educational activities for kids

For the summer of 2021, LPOW is introducing a new educational program for kids in our local area. Waterkeeper Wednesdays is a free opportunity for kids to learn about various water-based concepts with LPOW staff and volunteers. We will hold our activities at Creations in the Cedar Street Bridge, just downstairs from our office.

Every other Wednesday starting in June and going through the end of August, our staff will hold an hour long water-based activity at Creations in the Cedar Street Bridge from 1 – 2 pm. Activities will include exploring watersheds, discovering aquatic bugs, designing your own fish, the water cycle, story time and coloring, building our own Lake Pend Oreille ecosystem, & more!

In the unique location of the Cedar Street Bridge over Sand Creek and just a few minutes away from Lake Pend Oreille, we can encourage kids to not only learn about water-based science, but to step outside or look out the window at what’s happening beneath our feet. The proximity to two important water bodies in our community can help emphasize the importance of caring about our waterways and understanding their significance in our lives.

These activities will help young kids better understand the intricate nature of water and aquatic habitats, the importance of protecting our natural resources, and inspire them to be environmental advocates and stewards.

Help support environmental education!

We believe that it is important to help kids better understand ecological concepts in order to have a stronger appreciation for the world around them. Each week, we will provide a different opportunity for kids of all ages. Educational activities can range from building your own watershed, identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates, and exploring the water cycle. 

If you’re interested in helping with this new program, let us know! You can help host activities, provide feedback, or donate to this program to help buy supplies and materials. Please contact us and let us know how you would like to get involved

2021 Dates:

June 2 – June 16 – June 30 – July 14 –

July 28 – August 11 – August 25

Welcome to Waterkeeper Wednesdays!

2021 will be the first year of Waterkeeper Wednesdays! Since we cancelled our Watershed Discovery Camp this year, we’re hoping that this new program will help provide an alternative options for kids looking to get their feet wet while learning about the amazing world of lakes and water!

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